[users at bb.net] Using buildbot 0.9rc3 in production

Pierre Tardy tardyp at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 08:08:57 UTC 2016

> 1) Is it possible to arrange the rows of the table views such as the
> "Schedulers" view or the "Workers" view?  They do not seem to be sorted in
> any particular way, and it would be useful to either sort them
> alphabetically, or even better allow sorting along arbitrary columns.

Schedulers and workers views are indeed quite raw. There are quite a few
feature missing yet in there. The most useful to my opinion being list of
builds per slave.
Sorting it is not something very difficult to do, this is a good angularJS
training :)

> 2) It appears that all schedulers are listed twice.  Is this intentional,
> or am I misreading something?  See, for example, this page
> <https://buildtest.e.ip.saba.us/#/schedulers>.

Indeed, the second table is actually the schedulers but ordered by master.
They are supposed to be displayed in two different tabs, but this has been
broken since we upgraded one of our deps.

> 3) How can I force multiple builds at once? I would expect that I can
> enter the "Schedulers" page, select one of my force schedulers and initiate
> a build across multiple buildworkers as I could in 0.8 (with the checkbox
> interface) but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.  As it stands, I
> have to navigate to each builder page in turn and force the build there.
> This isn't very fun when you have, for instance, packaging builds you want
> to kick off for multiple OS's at once.

This is for me an awkward feature to port. Even in eight it is not very
well thought, as you can have multiple forceschedulers for the same
builder, and you can have very different parameters for each
forcescheduler. How can we write an algorithm which choose which one is
what for the multiple forcescheduler feature?

For your very valid usecase of kicking several builders at the same time, I
recommend to use a master release builder, which would use Trigger step to
trigger all the other builders that you need.
You can also use the dynamic trigger feature
in order to have some checks buttons determine which OS you want to release
and/or which tag you want to use for that release.

> 4) Enabling the "console" view, then performing a "reload" will leave the
> build master in an invalid state, causing the web interface to error out.
> You have to stop the buildmaster and then start it again after enabling a
> new plugin, it seems.  Should there be a bug about this?

It is possible indeed that reconfiguration does not work for plugin. This
is something that can be useful to fix eventually, so this deserves a bug.

> 5) The console view <https://buildtest.e.ip.saba.us/#/console> doesn't do
anything for me; it just sits there. The log doesn't show anything
happening, is this a bug perhaps?

Indeed, console view will only work if you have at least one change. Its a
known bug that is indeed weird for the new user, but that will never
reappear after, so we didn't prioritize the fix.

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