[users at bb.net] master and www: one service or two

Daniel Kauffman daniel.kauffman at rocksolidsolutions.org
Mon Oct 3 20:16:16 UTC 2016

Documentation for 9 suggests a clean abstraction between the buildbot 
master and the www front-end.  Is there any reason these services could 
not (or should not) be run on separate machines? Is there a simple way 
to configure this?  Would this be a multi-master configuration, where 
one of the masters would be dedicated to managing front-end?  Or?

For my infrastructure, whenever sensible, I run each service on its own 
VPS.  I find this simplifies maintenance (and if something goes wrong 
during maintenance, damage can usually be contained to one service at a 
time).  So I'm wondering about whether buildbot master and www are best 
thought of as one service, or as two services.

Daniel Kauffman
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