[Buildbot-devel] [GSoC] Start Material Design Migration?

Pierre Tardy tardyp at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 15:41:41 UTC 2015

Hi Chase,

Before beginning to code, I think we should have some discussion about the
> following questions.
>    1. How the new UI should be fit into current code base? It is said by
>    Pierre that he’d like to release the first version of *Nine* with
>    current Web UI based on Bootstrap and Material Design should be a parallel
>    project that provide the users an alternative. So, should the new UI be in
>    a new folder with independent PyPI entrance or we just works on another
>    branch of current repo.
> I think it should be in a new folder, so that we can have temporarily both
UI available.
I'd like you work in collaboration with Andras, on the buildbotService
project, and thus my suggestion the first action would be to create those 2

- common-services : a bower package (buildbot-services) which will contain
all the common no ui buildbot services. It will initially start with the
current buildbotService, and will be progressively replaced by the new API
from andras.
- base-md: a buildbot/www/base replacement. You can either install one or
the other, as they will implement the 'base' application.
base-md will be the first one to use buildbotService by Andras

common-services can start with the current buildbotService and mqService,
but base-md will have to start from scratch, as we cannot use the current
bootstrap templates. I guess however this will be relatively quick to copy
the existing page, and mostly replace the templates.

>    1. There are two views that are quite uncompleted in current Web UI:
>    waterfall_view and console_view. I’m not sure what the two views
>    actually do and thus can not decide the positions of these two views in the
>    new Web UI. Can you give a simple explain of the two views? Are these two
>    view necessary in the new Web UI?
> Those views are relatively complete for me, but they are usually useful
only when there are real changesource based  activity.
waterfal is mostly a d3 application, so I think it will be useful without
many change with md, and console_view is mostly a table ui, with custom
css, so I think as well this will not change a lot to use md.
So we will look at this in the end of the gsoc.

in the end of the GSOC, we will decide which UI is the most appropriate for
continuation, and make one the official.

I dont think there will be a lot of interest from buildbot maintainers to
maintain two UIs.
A potencial way would have been to do it as a skin, and with same
coffeescript code, only the template files would change, but I highly doubt
this is reasonably feasible, so I would prefer not to take this as a
requirement from the start.
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