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Pranav Puri pranavpuri.p at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 06:10:23 UTC 2015

hello everyone,

I am a B.tech 2nd year student studying from SRM University. While going 
through your ideas page I find the following idea really interesting:
1) Add forward-compatibility with Python 3.3+

I also have 3 years of experience in c programming language. I have a 
good knowledge in python.

i improve my coding skills from codechef.com and hackerearth.com. Also 
for python i had made project using Tkinter module which is also used 
for GUI purpose, so i am quite familiar with the environment

  So i think i've a decent knowledge of the technologies required to 
complete the project.  Any pointer to what should i do next ?
Pranav Puri
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