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Pierre Tardy tardyp at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 21:30:40 UTC 2015

Le sam. 7 mars 2015 à 07:13, Pranav Puri <pranavpuri.p at gmail.com> a écrit :

>  hello everyone,
> I am a B.tech 2nd year student studying from SRM University. While going
> through your ideas page I find the following idea really interesting:
> 1) Add forward-compatibility with Python 3.3+
> Hi Pranav,
 Compatibility with Python 3.3 is certainly something that we are
interrested in.

A first simpler target would be to convert only the slave part of buildbot
to python 3.3.
There is much less code in the slave part than is the master, so this
should not be too long to convert than code to be compatible with python3.3

So you can run your master with python 2.7, and connect a slave with python
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