[Buildbot-devel] Parallelism across changes?

Patrick Valsecchi pvalsecc at cisco.com
Fri Oct 24 09:19:37 UTC 2014


Just declare/start more than one slave. That can even be done on the 
same machine, just run "buildslave create-slave ..." with two different 
basedirs and two different names.


On 23. 10. 14 22:49, John W wrote:
> I have an extremely simple buildbot setup (just learrning), with one
> slave, one changesource, and one builder.
> What I'm trying to accomplish is the following:
> I want every change emanating from the change source to trigger a new build.
> Further, I'd like each of these builds to run in parallel.
> Right now, I have a SingleBranchScheduler with treeStableTimer=None,
> and that does indeed seem to create a build for every change.
> However, only one build is run at a time, where I'd like them to be parallel
> .
> I understand that a given slave should be capable of running parallel
> builds (hence the max_builds configuration option), but my slave, with
> max_builds=None (the default), is still only running one build at a
> time.
> I believe that if I had multiple builders defined, and they all
> pointed to the same slave, they might all get run in parallel.
> But that's not exactly what I want, I don't think... I want one change
> to kick off exactly one build — not multiple. Also, each of these
> builds is identical; they don't need their own build steps, etc.
> Any advice on how best to achieve this?
> Thanks
> -John
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