[Buildbot-devel] Possible to change buildbot's change selection logic?

Aran Deltac bluefeet at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 12:26:17 UTC 2014

Hello all - I've been using buildbot on my @works master branch for a while
where it runs our test suite on every commit.  That's worked great, but now
I want to use it to test changes as they enter a staging environment and
I'd like to make a small change in its behavior (oh, and this is v0.8.9).

Currently when multiple changes are pushed to master buildbot tests the
first change separate from the rest on the first build, then on the next
build it tests the remaining "pending" changes all together in the same
build.  That makes sense.

For our staging environment we have a stg branch which developers will push
to when they are ready for some changes to go through some more rigorous
testing/validating by our test suite and by humans (mostly product people
who want to try things out before they are released to production).  This
staging builder not only runs the test suite but it also deploys to the
staging environment just like we would during a production deployment, so
its a bit more involved than what the builders do on the master branch, and
takes longer.

What I'd like, for the staging builder, is for it to not build the first
change separate from the rest.  I want it to wait for all the changes to be
recognized and test them all together.  As it stands right now, whenever
anyone pushes a project to the stg branch, the builder is going to run two
builds before the developer gets what they wanted and that'll take 30
minutes or more rather than the 15 or so minutes that a single build would

Does that make sense?
Any way I can adjust buildbot to not have this behavior for our staging


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