[Buildbot-devel] _pendingLogObservers

John Wieland johnny.c.sparkles at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 22:59:45 UTC 2010

Hi All,

I am using Buildbot 0.8.0 and have followed the example in the most recent
version of the documentation about writing custom build steps to create a
BuildStep similar to the Framboozle build step. Here is my code:

import re
from buildbot.steps import shell
from buildbot.process.buildstep import LogLineObserver

class R_TestParser(LogLineObserver):
    total_tests = 0
    pass_tests = 0
    fail_tests = 0
    skip_tests = 0
    current_test = ""

    def __init__(self)

    def outLineReceived(self, line):
        if "TEST_EXE:BEGIN" in line:
            # Get the test name
            re.search('TEST_EXE:BEGIN:(.*)--#', line)
            current_test = re.group(0)

            self.numTests += 1
            self.step.setProgress('tests', self.numTests)
        elif "TEST:SUCCESS" in line:
            pass_tests += 1
            print "Pass tests" + pass_tests
        elif "TEST:FAIL" in line:
            fail_tests += 1
        elif "TEST:SKIP" in line:
            skip_tests += 1
        elif "TEST_EXE:END" in line:
            self.numTests += 1

class R_TestStep(shell.ShellCommand):
    command = ['sh', 'buildrmt.sh']

    def __init__(self, **kwargs):
        ShellCommand.__init__(self, **kwargs)
        observer = R_TestParser()
        self.addLogObserver('stdio', observer)
        self.progressMetrics += ('tests',)

When attempting to reconfigure the build master I get the following:
"/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/buildbot/process/buildstep.py", line
939, in addLogObserver
            self._pendingLogObservers.append((logname, observer))
        exceptions.AttributeError: R_TestStep instance has no attribute

2010-07-24 08:53:49+1000 [-] The new config file is unusable, so I'll ignore

I've checked that the R_TestStep inherits from ShellCommand, which inherits
from BuildStep. I see that BuildStep uses the _pendingLogObservers variable
in its member functions but does not declare it as a class variable anywhere
(I'm new to python so wasn't exactly sure if this is standard syntax).

Does anyone have any ideas? Buildbot seems like a big step up from tinderbox
which I have been using for some time but if I can't get some
post-processing of test logs working I'm not sure I can continue with it.

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