[Buildbot-devel] heads up: buildbot.net moving to new hardware this weekend

Marcus Lindblom macke at yar.nu
Mon Apr 27 07:19:43 UTC 2009

Brian Warner wrote:
> Please keep your eyes open for any troubles. The biggest one that I've
> seen so far (and which I don't know how to fix) is the formatting of
> the front page: at some point it acquired a hack of inserting
> unbalanced <table> tags to lay out the front page in a pretty grid, but
> Trac-0.11 forces those to be closed. So the front page isn't quite as
> nice-looking as it used to be. But so far I haven't seen any other
> major problems.

I just fixed this by using {{{ #! div  wikimarkup }}}

It works well enough for me, but it doesn't scale down nicely to small 
displays. (I.e. < 1024 i'd guess, my monitor is 1920x1200 .. ;)

Feel free to improve. :)


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