[Buildbot-devel] buildbot.net is now on new hardware!

Gavin gavin at 16degrees.com.au
Sun Apr 26 20:49:41 UTC 2009

Site still not working at all for me.

Going to http://buildbot.net gives me a "This is the default, try using a
hostname." - I'm lazy I hardly ever use 'www' unless forced. I guess you
should make /trac the default then.

Going to http://www.buildbot.net redirects me to http://buildbot.net/trac
and then 404s on me.



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> Subject: [Buildbot-devel] buildbot.net is now on new hardware!
> On Sat, 25 Apr 2009 13:42:35 -0700
> Brian Warner <warner-buildbot at lothar.com> wrote:
> > Just a heads-up: at some point this weekend, I'll be moving
> > buildbot.net to a new home. The IP address will be changing (from
> > to
> The move is complete.. the new site seems to be OK. I flipped the DNS
> timeout
> at 20:20 PDT (about 50 minutes ago), so I expect that everything should
> finish twitching within about 70 minutes. If you see problems after that
> (probably in the form of a 404), please let me know.
> To make sure you're looking at the new site, check the Timeline or the
> (source) Browser buttons, and look for hex SHA1 Git revision IDs instead
> of
> small-number darcs ones.
> Note that the current version of the GitPlugin means that any [revid]
> -style wiki markup must use the full 40-character hexid. Another future
> project is to fix the plugin so it will accept abbreviations (it looks
> like this is a known bug, possibly fixed in a newer version of the
> plugin).
> The new installation is rigged to pull from Dustin's Github master branch
> once per hour. I'll see if I can reduce that latency, maybe some time next
> week.
> cheers,
>  -Brian
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