[Buildbot-devel] MasterShellCommand & SetProperty

Jean-Michel Beuken jean-michel.beuken at uclouvain.be
Sun Apr 26 19:49:51 UTC 2009


I'm used the SetProperty to define property with a value found in SLAVE filesystem like :

shell.SetProperty(command="cat ../mybranch", property="mybranch",descriptionDone=["mybranch"])

Is it possible to create a class MasterSetProperty to define property with value found in MASTER ?

As I'm not "fluent" with Python, I'm simply tried to copy the "class SetProperty(Shellcommand)" definition to a new class 

class MasterSetProperty(MasterShellcommand):
    name = "mastersetproperty"

    def __init__(self, **kwargs):
        MasterShellCommand.__init__(self, **kwargs)

and I'm tried to use a step like :   MasterSetProperty(command="cat /home/buildbot/slaves/max/mybranch", property="mybranch")

no syntax error ( buildbot checkconfig master.cfg : OK)

but, obviously, it doesn't work !

thanks for advices


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