[Buildbot-devel] Properties for build steps

Axel Hecht l10n.moz at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 24 00:51:47 UTC 2008

... and add a deprecation warning for the time that the two are in
parallel. I think that's what Brian usually does.

Note, you can probably happily fake that as good as it gets by just
adding an array or a hash as value for the property, and to append to
that instead of setting it. Or to do something else. I use complex
pickle-able things in build properties myself, that's not a problem.
And given that there are no distinct step pickle files anyway, you
might just end up with the same thing if you implement


2008/1/24, Dustin J. Mitchell <dustin at zmanda.com>:
> On Jan 23, 2008 5:00 PM, Neil Hemingway <neil.hemingway at googlemail.com> wrote:
> > I don't see a problem creating setStepProperty, getStepProperty etc. for the
> > step and its status object, but it'll be a little confusing to then have
> > setStepProperty and setProperty.  It would seem better to rename setProperty
> > as setBuildProperty, but I suspect that would break existing code.
> Good of you to worry over such a thing!
> It's Brian's call exactly how this is handled, but I'll toss in a few pence.
> I think that just changing the names would probably be fine,
> particularly if a note to that effect goes into the next release
> notes.  However, another option may be to define the functions with
> the new names (and put the new names in the relevant interfaces), then
> include e.g.,
>   setProperty = setBuildProperty # be compatible with old function name
> so as not to break old code.
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