[Buildbot-devel] Bonsaipoller test cases and Tinderbox patch

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Sun Nov 5 05:18:00 UTC 2006

Ben Hearsum <ben.hearsum at senecac.on.ca> writes:

> The first one is a small patch to the TinderboxMailNotifier that allows it to
> send out "testfailed" status when it receives WARNINGS status. This patch was
> written by Dave Liebreich.
> SF#1587352 -


> The second one is more or less a rewrite of the BonsaiPoller module.
> SF#1590310 -

Applied. Thanks!

I see that we still have that funny not-really-a-filename line:

            for file in cinode.files:
                files.append(file.filename+' (revision '+file.revision+')')

I remember that we were talking about this earlier, but I forget where we
left it. Was there a way to get the information you want without creating
Changes that have filenames that will confuse the tools that expect a pure

> P.S. Did you see that I submitted a build commenting patch? SF#1575715. No
> rush, just wanted to make sure you noticed it!

Cool, I'll try to take a look a it.


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