[Buildbot-devel] aggregate waterfall view?

Mark Pauley mpauley at apple.com
Thu Aug 24 16:36:13 UTC 2006

Hi list,
	So my team loves buildbot.  It's been quite a smash here in general.   
I just recently got a request to multiply all of my builders for our  
multi-architecture builds.  This has combinatorially exploded the  
number of builders and thus the number of entries on my buildbot  
waterfall page.

I'm thinking that what would be most awesome for my situation would be  
an aggregating waterfall status object.

Here's my proposal:
You give it a dictionary of group names, each with a list of builders  
that comprise that group.  The group's overall status is the maximum  
failure status of the members of that group.  Every action in that  
group would appear in the same waterfall (not sure how to display  
that) on the main page, and the object would vend a link to a sub-page  
on request that would look pretty much exactly like the current  
waterfall status page looks now.

How does this sound?  Is there an easier way?  Has this already been  



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