[Buildbot-devel] bug? notification mail when interrupting build (leading to a deeper issue)

Alexander Lorenz lorenz at testingtech.de
Thu Aug 24 14:50:54 UTC 2006


when i press the 'stop builder' button on a running build's web page, 
the following failure mail does not include the name and the reason i 
entered, but looks like a normal failure notification with the 
blamelist, thus causing confusion among the developers about who is to 
blame for the build "failure".

the stopper's name and reason is correctly mentioned in the log file for 
the step during which the build was interrupted though.

it seems that the build object only has one reason field (accessible via 
getReason() ) and that is the build reason for manually starting. for 
manually stopping, there seem to be no data structires.

shouldn't a builder (build) have an additional status besides FAILURE, 
and additional fields for the stopper's name and reason input?

so that if a build is stopped manually, the mail could contain 
additional info about this?

or are there any other suggestions for solving above mentioned problem?



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