[Buildbot-devel] aggregate waterfall view?

Alexander Lorenz lorenz at testingtech.de
Thu Aug 24 17:18:23 UTC 2006

this sounds really great, since i know exactly what you mean, managing 
18 builders in my master and theoretically having to triple them now, 
which is of course impossible if anyone wants to keep track.
so i have to use a workaround for now, running triple builds one after 
the other in a single build and putting the intelligence of what really 
has to be built into the ant scripts that are executed on the lower level.



Mark Pauley wrote:
> Hi list,
> 	So my team loves buildbot.  It's been quite a smash here in general.   
> I just recently got a request to multiply all of my builders for our  
> multi-architecture builds.  This has combinatorially exploded the  
> number of builders and thus the number of entries on my buildbot  
> waterfall page.
> I'm thinking that what would be most awesome for my situation would be  
> an aggregating waterfall status object.
> Here's my proposal:
> You give it a dictionary of group names, each with a list of builders  
> that comprise that group.  The group's overall status is the maximum  
> failure status of the members of that group.  Every action in that  
> group would appear in the same waterfall (not sure how to display  
> that) on the main page, and the object would vend a link to a sub-page  
> on request that would look pretty much exactly like the current  
> waterfall status page looks now.
> How does this sound?  Is there an easier way?  Has this already been  
> done?
> thanks
> _Mark
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