[Buildbot-devel] stuck behind a firewall...

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Wed Apr 19 17:00:26 UTC 2006

> I wonder, If I use c['buildbotURL'] would that result in all the 
> buildbot URLs on the waterfall magically becoming local URLS... (ie 
> /a/b/c instead of http://server:port/a/b/c)?

I don't quite understand the question, but I think the answer is "no".

The value of c['buildbotURL'] is made available to status plugins through the
IStatus.getBuildbotURL method (i.e. by calling self.status.getBuildbotURL() )
It should be used anywhere you need an *absolute* URL: specifically in
non-Waterfall status plugins, like the mail.MailNotifier . If you got an
email with only a relative URL, it'd be useless ("relative to what?" is the
question to ask).

The html.Waterfall plugin shouldn't need an absolute URL, because it is
already listening on a particular port, and the host it is running on is
reachable through some particular hostname (or via an apache reverse proxy of
some sort). Everying on the Waterfall page should be a local URL.

The bug (or "expedient development shortcut" as I might prefer to think of it
:) is that the Waterfall *does* use getBuildbotURL() in some places, hence
the annoying absolute URLs that wind up being wrong when you are accessing
the page through a base URL that is different than c['buildbotURL'].

/me thinks some more...

Oh, do you maybe mean setting c['buildbotURL']="/" or "" or something? Hmm. I
think that might actually work. It would completely break the other status
plugins, but it's possible that it might give you relative-to-the-site
waterfall URLs like you said.

Sorry if I answered the wrong question before answering the right one :).


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