[Buildbot-devel] stuck behind a firewall...

John Pye john.pye at student.unsw.edu.au
Wed Apr 19 05:38:37 UTC 2006

I wonder, If I use c['buildbotURL'] would that result in all the 
buildbot URLs on the waterfall magically becoming local URLS... (ie 
/a/b/c instead of http://server:port/a/b/c)?

Brian Warner wrote:
>> So, even though on the buildmaster's machine I run the waterfall client as
>> 'localhost:9000', our apache config uses some rewrite rule to map that to a
>> URL that is visible to the outside. Thus, the Mail client needs to be aware
>> of these mappings so it sends out valid URLs.
>> Does this make a little more sense now ? Sorry again for being so terse.
> Oh yeah, that's what I figured you meant. You should be able to just set
> c['buildbotURL'] to the outside-world URL, and then everything buildbot sends
> out will derive from that. There's no reason that c['buildbotURL'] needs to
> be at all related to the hostname of the buildmaster's system or the port
> that the Waterfall is listening on. If your apache rewriting rules map A to
> B, then you set c['buildbotURL'] to something related to A, and derive B from
> the buildmaster's hostname and the Waterfall port number.
> Will that do the job? Or did I misunderstand your needs?
> thanks,
>  -Brian
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