[Buildbot-devel] stuck behind a firewall...

John Pye john.pye at student.unsw.edu.au
Fri Apr 21 14:11:09 UTC 2006

Sorry my sentence was missing bits, as usual :-P As you correctly
guessed, what I meant was

	If I use c['buildbotURL']=""

A very dirty hack, but it would work for current purpose, by the sound
of it.


Brian Warner wrote:

>>I wonder, If I use c['buildbotURL'] would that result in all the 
>>buildbot URLs on the waterfall magically becoming local URLS... (ie 
>>/a/b/c instead of http://server:port/a/b/c)?
>I don't quite understand the question, but I think the answer is "no".
>The value of c['buildbotURL'] is made available to status plugins through the
>IStatus.getBuildbotURL method (i.e. by calling self.status.getBuildbotURL() )
>It should be used anywhere you need an *absolute* URL: specifically in
>non-Waterfall status plugins, like the mail.MailNotifier . If you got an
>email with only a relative URL, it'd be useless ("relative to what?" is the
>question to ask).
>The html.Waterfall plugin shouldn't need an absolute URL, because it is
>already listening on a particular port, and the host it is running on is
>reachable through some particular hostname (or via an apache reverse proxy of
>some sort). Everying on the Waterfall page should be a local URL.
>The bug (or "expedient development shortcut" as I might prefer to think of it
>:) is that the Waterfall *does* use getBuildbotURL() in some places, hence
>the annoying absolute URLs that wind up being wrong when you are accessing
>the page through a base URL that is different than c['buildbotURL'].
>/me thinks some more...
>Oh, do you maybe mean setting c['buildbotURL']="/" or "" or something? Hmm. I
>think that might actually work. It would completely break the other status
>plugins, but it's possible that it might give you relative-to-the-site
>waterfall URLs like you said.
>Sorry if I answered the wrong question before answering the right one :).
> -Brian

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