[Buildbot-devel] CSS changes

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Wed Apr 12 12:04:56 UTC 2006

Brian Warner wrote:
>> "This attribute assigns a class name or set of class names to an 
>> element.  [...] Multiple class names must be separated by white space 
>> characters."
> Ok. So do we have any consensus as to what CSS attributes would be most useful?
> Should we use class="command rebuild" so that CSS authors can control each
> independently? In this case, about half of the patch would be dropped.

I don't really care all that much about the means, as long as I can set
the style for a whole row (those 'special' roles on top). If that's possible
by means of assigning multiple classes to elements that's fine. When I looked
at the code and wrote the (trivial) patch I didn't know that was possible.

> The patch in question also removes the class="table" attribute from the
> <table>s. Was anybody using this class in their custom CSS?

That one simply seemed redundant ('table.table' in css ?)

> My only other question about the remaining parts of this patch is the way it
> changes the Waterfall page: previously, the project name/logo went into a
> <tr> in the top-left corner of the table, whereas in the new version it goes
> into a <div> before the table altogether. Granted, the <tr> was kind of
> gross, but I think I like the name/logo going inside the table rather than
> moving the table down the page to make room for some text above it.

This may work for a small logo / text, but if it is getting bigger it removes
valuable space from an already crowded page. I was just thinking of the typical
way this is done by e.g. moin. It might even be possible to let users drop
in a whole chunk of html on top (i.e. title plus logo), instead of just a
string. Note that the same string is now used both on top as well as at the
bottom ("Buildbot working for..."), so it might be better to allow two distinct
parameters, as a logo isn't desirable at the bottom.


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