[Buildbot-devel] email parsers

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Wed Apr 5 19:17:40 UTC 2006

[I'm horribly behind on buildbot email.. I apologize for my slow reponses to

So how many email-parser patches do we have outstanding? We really need to
clean up the codebase in this area. Here's what I'd like for each one of the
proposed parsers:

 an sf.net tracker item

 a unit test:
   this means a clause added to buildbot/test/test_mailparse.py, and
   some sample messages added to buildbot/test/mail/$NAMEmail.nn

 a description of what program actually generates this kind of email, with a
 URL, for example "syncmail, a popular tool for generating commit messages in
 CVS repositories, distributed with most CVS installations but also available
 from http://etc"

  (ideally this description would come in the form of a patch to
  docs/buildbot.texinfo, but I'm not sure I actually added the necessary
  section in there yet)

Give me that, and I'll commit the patch. Or make it easier for me to
acquire/write them, and I'm at least more likely to commit the patch.


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