[Buildbot-devel] conditional steps

Alexander Lorenz lorenz at testingtech.de
Mon Apr 10 12:29:22 UTC 2006

i think a general (and useful)  "conditional step" would be hard to 

you could always write a python script or shell (or whatever) script 
that checks your condition(s) and then acts accordingly, and use a 
ShellCommand buildstep to execute this script.

in your special case though, you could implement two boolean methods for 
the fileIsImportant parameter of a scheduler in the master config, one 
of which returns true if the file in included in the change list, the 
other one if it is not.
then you implement two schedulers, one with a builder that includes the 
package generation step(s), the other one with a builder that doesn't, 
and use above mentioned methods for the fileIsImportant parameter 



Javier Somoza wrote:
>             Hi all
>                 Is there any way to configure conditional steps on a 
> builder?
>                 For example, everytime a file of a module is changed, 
> i want to compile and pass unit tests.
>                 And if one of those files is certain file i also want 
> to generate a package.
>                 Or do you know more ways to get this?
>            Thx !! 

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