[Buildbot-devel] conditional steps

Javier Somoza jsomoza at pandasoftware.es
Mon Apr 10 13:35:20 UTC 2006

            I was doing that way.
            I prefer the step not to appear on the waterfall if its not
executed but it's a secondary problem.
            I didnt know if i could do in a better way but this way also
works so... nice.


> > 
> >             Hi all
> > 
> >                 Is there any way to configure conditional steps on a 
> > builder?
> > 
> >                 For example, everytime a file of a module is changed, i 
> > want to compile and pass unit tests.
> >                 And if one of those files is certain file i also want to 
> > generate a package.
> > 
> >                 Or do you know more ways to get this?
> In the sake of simplicity I would not add the required complexity to
> the buildbot infrastructure itself, but rather add a Step that is
> performed unconditionally, but internally does whatever is required
> to figure out whether actually to package or not.
> Regards,
> 		Stefan
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