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Javier Somoza jsomoza at pandasoftware.es
Mon Apr 10 13:41:34 UTC 2006

            Yeah, and i could configure the package generation scheduler
dependent of the other one that compiles.


> i think a general (and useful)  "conditional step" would be hard to
> implement.
> you could always write a python script or shell (or whatever) script
> that checks your condition(s) and then acts accordingly, and use a
> ShellCommand buildstep to execute this script.
> in your special case though, you could implement two boolean methods
> for the fileIsImportant parameter of a scheduler in the master config,
> one of which returns true if the file in included in the change list,
> the other one if it is not.
> then you implement two schedulers, one with a builder that includes
> the package generation step(s), the other one with a builder that
> doesn't, and use above mentioned methods for the fileIsImportant
> parameter accordingly.

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