[Buildbot-devel] win32: prob with cvs -D checkouts

Stephen Davis stephendavis at mac.com
Wed Mar 9 17:55:09 UTC 2005

After I upgraded to 0.6.0, my win32 builds started "silently but 
falsely" succeeding b/c the timestamp being passed to cvs is not 
acceptable to the win32 cvs but it apparently returns 0 instead of 
non-zero exit status so the buildbot doesn't notice.  In short, the 
updates do not actually happen so my bot has been building the same 
code since November!

It appears that the email-RFC-style date format is not parseable by 
cvsnt versions before 2.0 but, on after updating cvsnt, it appears to 
me (best I can tell) that the date string is not properly quoted for 
the shell and the 2.0 client barfs on the individual components.  This 
may be a magical difference between win python and unix python (os x 
for me) b/c it's the same buildbot code on both platforms but appears 
to behave differently.

If I force a build such that "-r HEAD" is issued, files update and the 
build proceeds normally.  It's just the normal "-D Mon, 06 Mar 2005 
08:30:34 -0000" timestamps that are causing a problem.

Anybody else building on win32 and notice this?

xp pro sp2
twisted 1.3.0
python 2.3.2
buildbot 0.6.0
cvsnt 2.0d51 (or so)


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