[Buildbot-devel] ShellCommand timeout when command fails (win32)

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Tue Mar 1 20:55:07 UTC 2005

> Uh, now it works fine, cannot reproduce.
> Now the slave log says:
> <- clip ->
> 2005/02/26 21:02 FLE Standard Time [Broker,client]
> SlaveBuilder.commandFailed <b
> uildbot.slave.commands.SlaveShellCommand instance at 0x01025328>
> 2005/02/26 21:02 FLE Standard Time [Broker,client] Failure:
> buildbot.slave.comma
> nds.AbandonChain: -1
> <- clip ->
> This 'AbandonChain' didn't happen before, IIRC. Weird.

Hm, that's the way it's supposed to work (AbandonChain is the error handler
that sends back an error message and then skips the rest of the slave-side
commands). AbandonChain is new, I think it's only in the latest release, so
maybe the previous error was using an old buildslave or something.

> So nothing reported until I closed down the slave. I'll report if I
> manage to get this happen again.

Sounds good.. glad the problem went away (even if it didn't get "resolved",


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