[Buildbot-devel] win32: prob with cvs -D checkouts

Stephen Davis stephendavis at mac.com
Tue Mar 22 22:43:34 UTC 2005

Guess nobody else is having this problem.  As a workaround, is there a 
way to force the master to just use old-style "-r HEAD" checkouts for 
just one builder?


On Mar 9, 2005, at 9:55 AM, Stephen Davis wrote:

> After I upgraded to 0.6.0, my win32 builds started "silently but 
> falsely" succeeding b/c the timestamp being passed to cvs is not 
> acceptable to the win32 cvs but it apparently returns 0 instead of 
> non-zero exit status so the buildbot doesn't notice.  In short, the 
> updates do not actually happen so my bot has been building the same 
> code since November!
> It appears that the email-RFC-style date format is not parseable by 
> cvsnt versions before 2.0 but, on after updating cvsnt, it appears to 
> me (best I can tell) that the date string is not properly quoted for 
> the shell and the 2.0 client barfs on the individual components.  This 
> may be a magical difference between win python and unix python (os x 
> for me) b/c it's the same buildbot code on both platforms but appears 
> to behave differently.
> If I force a build such that "-r HEAD" is issued, files update and the 
> build proceeds normally.  It's just the normal "-D Mon, 06 Mar 2005 
> 08:30:34 -0000" timestamps that are causing a problem.
> Anybody else building on win32 and notice this?
> xp pro sp2
> twisted 1.3.0
> python 2.3.2
> buildbot 0.6.0
> cvsnt 2.0d51 (or so)
> stephen

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