[Buildbot-devel] Re: BuildBot

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Wed Nov 24 10:31:30 UTC 2004

Hey, sorry to be so slow in responding..

> I'm trying to set up a buildslave on Windows XP.
> I have no idea what the correct procedure is, so I tried the following:

> C:\Python23\python.exe setup.py install
> c:\Python23\python.exe c:\Python23\scripts\buildbot slave C:\buildbot elm:9987 bot2 password

That should have worked.

> And got the output:
> mkdir C:\buildbot
> chdir C:\buildbot mktap buildbot slave --basedir C:\buildbot --master
> elm:9987 --name bot2 --passwd password
> Option --passwd requires argument
> mktap failed, bailing..

I suspect the problem is in the way that the windows version of 'mktap' tries
to work.. I think it's a batch file that only handles 9 arguments, and the
'password' field passed by the 'buildbot' script happens to be the 10th one.

I'd suggest finding the 'mktap' batch file and modifying it to use the %*
syntax that is used by contrib/buildbot.bat . I'm told that %* is a
relatively modern invention, such that the twisted/windows batch files are
using an older %1 %2 %3 syntax instead. Once that's been changed, I think the
'buildbot slave ...' command ought to work (although you may have to delete
the half-constructed directory first, that command will refuse to overwrite
an existing directory).

> I noticed a recent addition to buildbot CVS, "contrib/buildbot.bat"

This is now in the 0.6.1 tarball. I assume it's something you can copy to
whatever the windows equivalent of /usr/bin/ is. Obviously I'm not a windows
guy so I'll let someone else on the list with more windows experience than me
suggest what to do with it.

> Is CVS more suitable to run on Windows, and should I just use that? or
> What?

Now that 0.6.1 is out, use the released version. (until yesterday, I would
have recommended going with CVS, but that was before 0.6.1 was released).

If you do find a step-by-step sequence for installing a buildslave under
windows, please write up your notes and send them to me. I very much want to
have the process (and a basic list of dependencies) in the docs so that
future users will have an easier time of it than you have.


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