[Buildbot-devel] buildbot-0.6.1 released

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Tue Nov 23 11:53:52 UTC 2004

There's a new release of the buildbot available from the sourceforge download


It is signed with my GPG key (0x1514A7BD) as always, available from
http://www.lothar.com/warner-gpg.html . The md5sum of the tarball is:

 610d426153a49004baf34d106ddb95fb  buildbot-0.6.1.tar.gz

0.6.1 is a bugfix release which adds some windows portability fixes, improves
efficiency with very large log files, and automatically re-tries VC update
operations that fail (such as when CVS can't update due to files changing
into directories or vice versa). It also adds a preliminary framework for
fine-grained test-result tracking, which will be expanded upon in later

There are probably still remaining win32 issues to be resolved.. please
announce any problems you hit here on the list or as bugs in the sf.net
tracker. I'm also looking for somebody to write up a quick buildbot-win32
HOWTO that we can put in the docs, something that summarizes the list
postings on the subject.

The idea behind the test-result tracking is that each build should have a
list of tests that were run, each of which gets a simple result code
(PASSED/WARNINGS/FAILURE) as well as some log files that contain debug
messages, exception traces, etc. There will be a layer above the Build that
uses these test-results to keep track of 'Problems', which should correspond
to actual bugs in the code, and which can be assigned to specific users. See
docs/users.xhtml for some sketches of the theory.

The full NEWS file is attached below. As usual, please send all questions,
bugs, success stories, etc, to the buildbot-devel list so that everyone can
follow along.

Have a "three cheers for the Polish stand against software patents" day,

* Release 0.6.1 (23 Nov 2004)

** win32 improvements/bugfixes

Several changes have gone in to improve portability to non-unix systems. It
should be possible to run a build slave under windows without major issues
(although step-by-step documentation is still greatly desired: check the
mailing list for suggestions from current win32 users).

*** PBChangeSource: use configurable directory separator, not os.sep

The PBChangeSource, which listens on a TCP socket for change notices
delivered from tools like contrib/svn_buildbot.py, was splitting source
filenames with os.sep . This is inappropriate, because those file names are
coming from the VC repository, not the local filesystem, and the repository
host may be running a different OS (with a different separator convention)
than the buildmaster host. In particular, a win32 buildmaster using a CVS
repository running on a unix box would be confused.

PBChangeSource now takes a sep= argument to indicate the separator character
to use.

*** build saving should work better

windows cannot do the atomic os.rename() trick that unix can, so under win32
the buildmaster falls back to save/delete-old/rename, which carries a slight
risk of losing a saved build log (if the system were to crash between the
delete-old and the rename).

** new features

*** test-result tracking

Work has begun on fine-grained test-result handling. The eventual goal is to
be able to track individual tests over time, and create problem reports when
a test starts failing (which then are resolved when the test starts passing
again). The first step towards this is an ITestResult interface, and code in
the TrialTestParser to create such results for all non-passing tests (the
ones for which Trial emits exception tracebacks).

These test results are currently displayed in a tree-like display in a page
accessible from each Build's page (follow the numbered link in the yellow
box at the start of each build to get there).

This interface is still in flux, as it really wants to be able to accomodate
things like compiler warnings and tests that are skipped because of missing
libraries or unsupported architectures.

** bug fixes

*** VC updates should survive temporary failures

Some VC systems (CVS and SVN in particular) get upset when files are turned
into directories or vice versa, or when repository items are moved without
the knowledge of the VC system. The usual symptom is that a 'cvs update'
fails where a fresh checkout succeeds.

To avoid having to manually intervene, the build slaves' VC commands have
been refactored to respond to update failures by deleting the tree and
attempting a full checkout. This may cause some unnecessary effort when,
e.g., the CVS server falls off the net, but in the normal case it will only
come into play when one of these can't-cope situations arises.

*** forget about an existing build when the slave detaches

If the slave was lost during a build, the master did not clear the
.currentBuild reference, making that builder unavailable for later builds.
This has been fixed, so that losing a slave should be handled better. This
area still needs some work, I think it's still possible to get both the
slave and the master wedged by breaking the connection at just the right
time. Eventually I want to be able to resume interrupted builds (especially
when the interruption is the result of a network failure and not because the
slave or the master actually died).

*** large logfiles now consume less memory

Build logs are stored as lists of (type,text) chunks, so that
stdout/stderr/headers can be displayed differently (if they were
distinguishable when they were generated: stdout and stderr are merged when
usePTY=1). For multi-megabyte logfiles, a large list with many short strings
could incur a large overhead. The new behavior is to merge same-type string
chunks together as they are received, aiming for a chunk size of about 10kb,
which should bring the overhead down to a more reasonable level.

There remains an issue with actually delivering large logfiles over, say,
the HTML interface. The string chunks must be merged together into a single
string before delivery, which causes a spike in the memory usage when the
logfile is viewed. This can also break twisted.web.distrib -type servers,
where the underlying PB protocol imposes a 640k limit on the size of
strings. This will be fixed (with a proper Producer/Consumer scheme) in the
next release.

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