[Buildbot-devel] Problems with usePTY in buildslave on Solari s

Elliot Murphy elliot.murphy at veritas.com
Wed Nov 17 00:16:08 UTC 2004

|Are you using usePTY=1 or usePTY=0 on the buildslave? I've found that PTYs
|vary a lot from unix to unix, and falling back to usePTY=0 frequently

I was just using whatever the default is when creating a slave with the
buildbot command. After much digging, I realized that I could create the
buildslave with the extra --usepty=0 option, and that seemed to fix things.

|It is useful to note that line 681 is in the "error in the child process"
|path (which includes the case when execvpe fails, for example), so it might
|have failed because of a command that couldn't be found, or because it was
|told to chdir() into a missing directory. Modifying process.py to write the
|error message to a /tmp/err file may be useful.

I don't know why this was showing up in the error path - I reproduced the
same problem even with a simple echo command.  When I turned off PTYs
everything started working.

|I suspect that Twisted needs some help w.r.t. PTYs on solaris. Does the
|Twisted test suite pass on that machine? (you might also try twisted from
|too, we don't have a solaris buildslave and it would be nice to know if
|there's something that should be fixed before twisted-2.0 comes out).

I'm running trial -v twisted.test (using Twisted 1.30), but I expect it to
take quite a while (really slow machine). I'll report back if I turn up any
suspicious-looking failed tests.


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