[users at bb.net] How to determine why RemoveDirectory failed?

Greg Bullock greg at nwra.com
Fri Feb 26 22:16:37 UTC 2021

How to track down why the RemoveDirectory step fails on my Windows 10 
worker?  I'm using

  * Python version: 3.6.8
  * Buildbot version: 2.8.3
  * Twisted version: 19.10.0

On my Windows 10 worker, the RemoveDirectory step consistently fails.  
The twistd.log shows the failure but gives no details about why it occurs:

2021-02-2614:00:28-0800 [-] sending ping
2021-02-2614:00:28-0800 [Broker,0,] ping finished: success
2021-02-2614:00:28-0800 [-] <RemoteCommand 'rmdir' at 140550964187032>: 
RemoteCommand.run [0]
2021-02-2614:00:28-0800 [Broker,0,] <RemoteCommand 'rmdir' at 
140550964187032> rc=-1
2021-02-2614:00:28-0800 [-] releaseLocks(RemoveDirectory(name=Interpolate('Clean_%(prop:cmake_fortran)s_x64_build_folder'), dir='build_out', haltOnFailure=False, flunkOnFailure=False, description=Interpolate('Cleaning the build directory for the %(prop:cmake_fortran)s %(prop:cmake_threads)s-threaded %(prop:lib_linking)s-library configuration of GPSII'))): []
2021-02-2614:00:28-0800 [-]  step 
'Clean_gfortran_x64_build_folder' complete: failure (None)
2021-02-2614:00:28-0800 [-] <RemoteShellCommand '['svn', '--version']'>: 
RemoteCommand.run [1]
2021-02-2614:00:28-0800 [-] command '['svn', '--version']' in dir 'build'
2021-02-2614:00:28-0800 [Broker,0,] <RemoteShellCommand 
'['svn', '--version']'> rc=0

Is there a way to enable more detailed diagnostics?

And by the way, thank you all who've contributed to this great tool!


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