[users at bb.net] Valid builder names, influencing their order

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Sun Jul 26 13:16:30 UTC 2020


I agree this is a good use case.
I guess right now you can't begin the builder by a 0 else it wouldn't be an
What you can do is to prefix all by normal builders by 'B', and virtual
builders by 'V'
This is a bit silly but that would work.


Le dim. 26 juil. 2020 à 14:05, Ryan Schmidt <buildbot at ryandesign.com> a
écrit :

> I have certain builders that I always want to appear at the beginning of
> the list of builders (in the waterfall, console, list of builders, etc.),
> despite the fact that alphabetically they would not sort there.
> I tried modifying the builder names to begin with a space. This seems to
> do what I want, but the buildbot nine migration guide says builder names
> must be identifiers composed of alphanumeric characters, dash, and
> underscore. Is it likely that using invalid characters in builder names is
> causing a problem now or will cause a problem in a future version of
> buildbot?
> I see that the janitor task names itself "__Janitor", perhaps to make it
> sort first, but leading underscores are unsightly.
> Is there another way to influence the sort order? Perhaps there could be a
> "sort order" integer for each builder. Then I could set the sort order to
> "0" for those that I want to be first and "1" for those that I want to be
> after all the "0"s.
> In fact I want all non-virtual builders to come before all virtual
> builders, in case that changes the answer about whether it can be done or
> how to do it.
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