[users at bb.net] Valid builder names, influencing their order

Ryan Schmidt buildbot at ryandesign.com
Sun Jul 26 12:04:57 UTC 2020

I have certain builders that I always want to appear at the beginning of the list of builders (in the waterfall, console, list of builders, etc.), despite the fact that alphabetically they would not sort there.

I tried modifying the builder names to begin with a space. This seems to do what I want, but the buildbot nine migration guide says builder names must be identifiers composed of alphanumeric characters, dash, and underscore. Is it likely that using invalid characters in builder names is causing a problem now or will cause a problem in a future version of buildbot?

I see that the janitor task names itself "__Janitor", perhaps to make it sort first, but leading underscores are unsightly.

Is there another way to influence the sort order? Perhaps there could be a "sort order" integer for each builder. Then I could set the sort order to "0" for those that I want to be first and "1" for those that I want to be after all the "0"s.

In fact I want all non-virtual builders to come before all virtual builders, in case that changes the answer about whether it can be done or how to do it.

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