[users at bb.net] Customising SVN Watcher sample

honas grael honasgraeymael at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 20:14:10 UTC 2019

Hello I am using the SVN_watcher.py
as an example to get the latest changes from my VCS, Unfortunately the VCS
that I am using is not one of the popular ones like git, mercurial or DARCS.

Using the example shown I've managed to write my own VCS_watcher.py.
But now I don't know how/where to use it, in order to get changes as part
of a buildrequest.

Basically I've got a periodic builder, that executes a build every 12
hours, my VCS_watcher.py queries the vcs gets the latest changes and
returns a list of "buildbot sendchange --master {MASTERHOST}:{PORT} --auth
{USER}:{PASS}   --who {USER} {FILENAMES..}" commands,

Now, I don't know where to run VCS_watcher.py so that any changes that
exist are associated with the periodic builder, making the changes
from VCS_watcher.py. part of a buildrequest.

Should I be running it on the buildworker?
Should I be running it on the buildmaster?
How can I get the changes to be part of a buildrequest for builder my

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