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honas grael honasgraeymael at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 15:52:07 UTC 2019

It worked. Thanks for your help. I can see changes show up in the "Last
Changes" view under Builds.
Now I need to figure out how to associate a change with a specific builder

On Wed, 16 Oct 2019, 15:46 Gabriel Nagy, <gabrielnagy at me.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> If I remember correctly, you need to set up a PBChangeSource:
> http://docs.buildbot.net/1.5.0/manual/cfg-changesources.html#pbchangesource,
> then use the username/password you set here in your buildbot sendchange
> command.
> Good luck!
> În mie., 16 oct. 2019 la 15:22, honas grael <honasgraeymael at gmail.com> a
> scris:
>> I am trying to use the SendChange from the commandline on my buildbot
>> master
>>  as described in the docs
>> <https://docs.buildbot.net/latest/manual/cmdline.html?highlight=sendchange>
>> this is what my command looks like
>> buildbot sendchange --master=localhost.9989 --revision=123
>> --who=joebloggs --comments=made changes here
>> I keep getting "change not sent" error in line 51 in sendchange.py
>> I think this may have to do with not putting --auth=user:password
>> but I am not clear what the username and password combinations should be.
>> Is it a parameter in my master.cfg? (I've looked and I only have
>> usernames and passwords for each of my buildbot workers.). Should I use one
>> of these?
>> Is the username and password that I need my Windows OS login username and
>> password?
>> How do I find/set the username and password so that I can use the
>> sendchange command?
>> Regards
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