[users at bb.net] Configuring builders web view?

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Mon Nov 18 18:25:38 UTC 2019

I'm struggling with how to get an overview of the buildbot's status.
(This is with a fairly dated installation, v2.2.0-133-g5711c7b4d,
looks like latest commit is Apr 26 2019.)

1) Increasing usefulness of the 'Builds' column in the builders list

In the builders list, the column for builds appears to have a shorter
log time horizon
than the pages for individual builds.  (I suspect this is in the
interest of reducing page display time for the builders list.)
Is this time horizon configurable?

(Because the info I'm hoping to have displayed is still in the
database, I don't think util.JanitorConfigurator is what I need to

2) Creating subset builders lists

I'd also welcome suggestions for how to configure multiple builder
list pages, each with a certain subset of builders, as even without
increasing the time horizon, the global list already takes 5 seconds
to come up and become searchable.
Having a way to give each team, say, its own builders list page would
speed up both loading and human absorption of the resulting massive

3) grid, waterfall, console similarly not very usable

Similar changes might be needed for the other three global views to
make them usable in our context, but that can come later.


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