[users at bb.net] ForceScheduler trouble converting from 0.8.12 to 0.9.0

Tristram, Falk falk.tristram at cognex.com
Fri Nov 18 08:58:14 UTC 2016


does the reconfig operation really refresh the list of tags?

I did some tests with this method and it seems reconfig does not refresh the choice-list.
It is required to actually restart the server and this has some other negative implications.

Is there a way to modify the force-scheduler choice-list somehow?


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This is a good idea indeed.

Instead of trying to play with sighup, why not calling the reconfig API, as you are already in the master?

Here is an AnyBranchScheduler version that instead of creating new builds, will just reconfig the master:

class ReconfigMasterAnyBranchScheduler(AnyBranchScheduler):
    def addBuildsetForChanges(self, waited_for=False, reason='',
                              external_idstring=None, changeids=None, builderNames=None,

So that what you just need is to create a ChangeFilter combination that matches your tag.


Le jeu. 20 oct. 2016 à 08:59, Tristram, Falk <falk.tristram at cognex.com<mailto:falk.tristram at cognex.com>> a écrit :
A cronjob may do the job, but this is my last option.
I am currently looking into options that are more intrinsic and event-based.

According to the command line parameters, the buildbot reacts to SIGHUP
“SIGHUP a buildmaster to make it re-read the config file”
So it should be possible to emit this signal via python from inside the bot, right?
Then the bot will reconfig. I didn’t test this so far.

The next item would be just to recognize tag-changes from a (Git)Poller or similar.

I would prefer a solution that circumvents this problem by updating the value on a time basis.
This could be done by a “Poller” that updates the list of tags every five minutes.

What you can do is to generate the list of choice during the configuration in your master.cfg.
And you can add a external cronjob that does buildbot reconfig every now and then.

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