[users at bb.net] Launching mulitple executables using the shellcommand

honas grael honasgraeymael at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 20:26:04 UTC 2016

Hi everyone.
I think I have a tricky problem, maybe you can shed some light on the best
way to go about things.
I'm using buildbot to build and test my application lets call it
In order to test the application I need to launch another application lets
call it db_testbot.exe.

Essentially db_testbot.exe connects to db_application1.exe and runs through
a series of test steps.

Currently I use buildbot steps to create(build) db_application1.exe, once
it has been build I use the shellcommand to launch it. Something along the
lines of

f.addStep(steps.ShellCommand(command=["cmd /k",

this is then followed by

f.addStep(steps.ShellCommand(command=["cmd /c", "path_to_app\db_testbot.exe"]))

The db_application needs to remain running/open while the db_testbot
is launched to connect and run its tests.

My first issue, is that once the application is launched buildbot does
not proceed to the next step, launching the testbot,
as the db_application is running(no exit code), so the tests never get run.

Is there a better way to get db_application running and then get the
testbot application to run after a delay of say 1 minute?

I have already tried using a batch file, something along the lines of

f.addStep(steps.ShellCommand(command=["call", "path_to_app\db_batchfile.bat"]))

The batch file essentially does 4 things


   Start db_application1.exe


   timeout /t 60 ' wait 60 seconds


   Start db_testbot.exe

   4. exit

Is this the best way to achieve what I want?

A related issue is that currently I have configured my master.cfg with a
periodic schedule say every 45mins.

Sometimes the tests take much much longer than 45mins (depending on how I
built the application.exe). So what was happening was that every 45mins the
batch file would get called, even if the db_testbot.exe was still running.

How should I go about organising this

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