[users at bb.net] Angular not defined error message in IE8

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Are you setting up a development environment to work on the webpage or are you just trying to run? You don’t need to setup npm and angular to just use it. Everything should be baked out to javascript for the final product.

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Hi this should be pretty straight forward but I'm getting stuck. I installed buildbot (0.9.06b)on my machine a Windows 7 machine. I have managed to get it up and running however when I try to display the web page(IE8), I get the error Angular not defined. This being a brand new windows box I was not too surprised. I proceeded to download NodeJS the executable and run it on the machine so Node is installed. I then went to [Angular website<https://angularjs.org>][1] downloaded the zip file, but i'm not sure what to do next?
I tried

> npm install Angular

and a few variations i.e specifying the version, unzipping the file. But still cannot install it.
My machine is behind a firewall so it cannot just go off to the web and get more stuff. It all has to work locally.
How should I go about installing Angular?
How can I check that Angular is installed?


  [1]: https://angularjs.org
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