[users at bb.net] Navigating to recent builds(history)

Greg MacDonald gmacdonald at trionworlds.com
Tue Mar 1 22:29:32 UTC 2016

The home side tab should show you the last builds and their status.

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Hi, I have recently installed buildbot 0.9.0b6, and the corresponding buildslave. I also installed the latest UI bits e.g buildbot-www-1latest, buildbot-waterfall, console, codeparameter etc.
I really must say the UI is really nice, no offense to the UI of old.
I have successfully manage to trigger a number of builds (all for test purposes, to see if I could get it going), and the results were good, or at least as I expected.
However I noticed 2 things
I can't find a history of the recent builds, I have tried using the navigation menu, builds,builders,buildslaves, even settings. I couldn't see anything that took me to the page showing recent builds, and whether or not they passed or failed. Even the Home & Waterfall pages didn't reveal much.
When i typed in ../builders/1/builds/2, i found all the information related to my second build, all the results were presented to me really nicely. But I can't imagine how a novice(such as myself) would stumble across this URL and type it in the browser.
Have I missed something?
Note I am running on Windows, using python 2.7.10, twisted 15.4.0

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