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Greg MacDonald gmacdonald at trionworlds.com
Fri Apr 1 18:13:44 UTC 2016

I usually see “waiting” when the max builds worker property has been reached and there aren’t any available workers.

I have noticed that when I’ve got a lock on the builder I get the same unexpected running timer on a waiting build. The elapsed time starts even though a build is blocked by a lock. Also blocked builds are assigned to workers immediately. It would be better IMHO if the worker assignment for blocked builds was delayed so the decision could be made dynamically at the time the lock is released.


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Hi Greg, I'm still quite new to using buildbot and all, But I have noticed that (sometimes) when you do a forced build it gets 'lost' in that I cannot see it in progress or anything, but often it does comeback once the build is done, either, success,failure or even exception. I thought it was just busy and sorted itself out after a while....
I don't know if this is related but on the home page sometimes I see a build in progress say build 100...waiting(with the time still counting up and up), even though it clearly is not in progress, i.e. things have moved on to say build 105 and the builds 101 to 105 have completed with success.
Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 9:31 PM, Greg MacDonald <gmacdonald at trionworlds.com<mailto:gmacdonald at trionworlds.com>> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I’ve noticed that a forced build sometimes gets lots if the workers are busy. I’m having to stop the builds then re-submit a force build. Other times it’s fine. This last time it happened I had just restarted the master (killed it and restarted). Maybe it wasn’t finished initializing? Has anyone else seen this on 0.9.0b7?


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