[users at bb.net] Killing a windows task(process) using taskkill from the shellcommand

honas grael honasgraeymael at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 15:28:14 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone,

I don't know if i'm doing it worng but I have an executable task that I
want to kill at the end of my build.

It seems easy enough to start the executable using something along the
lines of

              logfiles={"triallog": {"filename": "c:\\temp\\test.log",

I want to kill that executable, so I have tried

factory.addStep(steps.ShellCommand(command=["cmd /c taskkill /im
run_my_custom_executable.exe /f /t]))

but no joy so far, though the command works fine when I type it
directly into the Windows command shell.

Also I wanted to introduce a time delay between steps so I thought I'd
use the Windows timeout shell command

factory.addStep(steps.ShellCommand(command=["cmd /k timeout 30 /nobreak]))

What am i missing?

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