[devel at bb.net] Buildbot 0.9.6 is out!

Pierre Tardy tardyp at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 20:50:31 UTC 2017

Announce posted on our blog
https://medium.com/buildbot/buildbot-0-9-6-is-out-a4fb830d7328 please don't
hesitate to share on your social networks!

I am very happy to announce buildbot 0.9.6.

This release highlight is the introduction of virtual builders
and a much improved version of the Console View Dashboard

Those features allows to go further in the configurability and inspired GNU
Radio team for their new on-progress continuous integration system:
GNU Radio CI is already using virtual builders and new console view UI!

You can also see how it works on our own CI server
https://nine.buildbot.net/ <https://nine.buildbot.net/#/> which is now a
better showcase of what Buildbot Nine UI is capable of.

This release also includes the usual set of bug fixes and incremental
component features, notably better support for GitHub and GitLab change

You can see the full release notes available here:

Thanks to our contributors!

% git shortlog --no-merges -ns v0.9.6...v0.9.5
    52  Pierre Tardy
    15  Sean Kelly
     6  Dragomir Todorov
     5  Andrej Rode
     4  Craig Rodrigues
     4  Jacob Wan
     3  maddog
     2  Michael Gmelin
     2  Michal Sylwester
     2  TheAssassin
     2  Robin Jarry
     2  desurd
     2  Anish Bhatt
     1  Dustin J. Mitchell
     1  Oscar Prieto
     1  Jason Kenny
     1  Kevin Funk
     1  Stéphane Bidoul (ACSONE)
     1  ampz9
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