[devel at bb.net] ticket 2887 & 3270

Edmund Wong ewongbb at pw-wspx.org
Sat Apr 2 01:38:00 UTC 2016


Regarding the two tickets, I'm wondering how it should be

Firstly, we need the hooks in place on github (I think this
should be the easiest part).

Next, the buildbot master has to have some listening service
that gathers the posts from github's hooks and act accordingly.
that's the most basic concept I have.

Yet, wouldn't it be scalable if we just have github's hooks
point to a messaging service and have whatever masters consume
whatever messages they want?  Then all we need to do is to
react according to the messages consumed. i.e. pull-request
triggers the builds, etc.

Have I understood this problem correctly?  I realize ticket
2887 has mentions of Bors and Homu (but I don't quite
grok what they do).



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