[Buildbot-devel] buildbot: correct monotone source step

Markus Wanner markus at bluegap.ch
Tue May 26 20:07:02 UTC 2015

On 04/24/2015 06:27 AM, Mikhail Sobolev wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 08:34:35AM +0200, Markus Wanner wrote:
>> On 04/20/2015 12:07 PM, Markus Wanner wrote:
>> I read the instructions a bit more carefully and figured there's a test
>> suite for Twisted's trial. Cool!
>> I extended the monotone tests a bit and now try to adjust the code to
>> pass the extended tests. All of that still on 'eight'. I'll
>> forward-patch after that.
> Great!

Here's my PR:


Markus Wanner

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