[Buildbot-devel] What would you like to display on the homepage

Pierre Tardy tardyp at gmail.com
Tue May 5 14:04:58 UTC 2015


For me the home page is one of the most complex thing of the UI.
You can talk to many people (+buildbot ml) and they all will have a
different view on what should be on the homepage.

This is why my original proposal for the gsoc was to create a dashboard
framework so that all user can configure what they want on their homepage.
The example that you provided are good example of widget that should be
available on the homepage.
Kibana, Splunk, or Jira are great example of such a configurable dashboards.

adf implements a decent opensource example of a how this could work with

For me the home page is a critical peace of the UI, as this is the first
page that any user will see.
By default, we have to make sure it is not too much demanding on resource.
If you put 5 different widgets by default which requires to download the
whole build db in order to display, that will be an issue.

If order to test your UI against real data, the best way is to use a proxy
I have written one in python, but it does not work with websocket, and as
it is written in flask it is quite slow.

The generator-gulp-angular contains a nodejs based proxy implementation:
I dont know if it works with websocket, and I think this might not be too
difficult to adapt to guanlecoja.

Anyway, having a working proxy method is imho a important task todo for
both of you to use.

Then you can point your /api and /ws to nine.buildbot.net, and get real
live data for your tests.

Le mar. 5 mai 2015 à 15:18, chase <i at chasezhang.me> a écrit :

> Hi all,
> I am working on the home page which is the last page I’d like to finish
> before the summer coding starts.
> I’m wondering what do you think should (and possible by current service
> framework) be displayed on that page?
> Below are some information I thought of:
> 1. count of builders, masters and slaves
> 2. builds status, each displayed as a dot like the Github’s commit heat map
> 3. a welcome message with some guide or shortcut to other page of the app
> 4. daily count of builds displayed as line chart
> Do you have other ideas or suggestions?
> And I found a serious problem of building the Home: before the Builds page
> has been finished, it will be hard to generate
> test data such as build history to preview the appearance. Is there any
> solution to this problem? Or we just leave Home
> to the last and finish Builds page first?
> --
> chase
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