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Vasily Kuz'min vasily at freedom-web.ru
Sat Mar 28 22:57:35 UTC 2015

Hello everyone!

My name is Vasily Kuzmin. I study at Lomonosov Moscow State University and
have almost completed the undergraduate program in "Advertising and Public
Relations" Faculty of Philosophy. From the very beginning of my
computer-related life in 2008 I was interested in Open Source world. I've
used various Linux distros, though my favorite have always been Arch and
The main point of my interest was the administration, especially
web-development. Basically, I had to work with web-server Apache and Nginx,
working in conjunction with PHP and MySQL. I have working experience on how
to support debugging servlet in conjunction with Apache Tomcat and
Recently I've started to learn Python, because I want to improve my skills,
take a fresh look at the development of web-based applications and finally
have an opportunity to apply my knowledge base to help the world of Open
Source. Google Summer of Code seems to be a great place to start,
especially for the last part, so I decided to try and enter GSoC.
I chose buildbot for its simplicity and its extraordinary capabilities; it
is a simple and convenient tool for testing and verification of code
changes. Since I already have a basic knowledge of Python and even know
about some corner cases about porting application to Python 3, I decided
that the task to provide forward compatibility for Python 3 is exactly what
I'd like to do.

I've filled in the proposal on the Google Melange just yesterday: I've
never participated in GSoC or similar projects before. I especially shy of
this late proposal; I understand that it would have been certainly better
to put my proposal earlier, but it is very hard to beat shyness. I'd
definitely like to work on this project, so I'm opened to your questions
and suggestions. You may found my proposal at the Melange site[0]

Thanks in advance!



*С УВАЖЕНИЕМ, ВАСИЛИЙ КУЗЬМИНТелефон:      +7 (999) 988-00-85E-mail:
    vasily at freedom-web.ru <vasily at freedom-web.ru>*
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