[Buildbot-devel] Problem with buildbot configuration for building debian packages

joguerrero at cnti.gob.ve joguerrero at cnti.gob.ve
Fri Jul 3 00:30:17 UTC 2015

Hello everyone, my name is Francisco and I am new here =)

I'm setting a buildbot for building debian packages from a git 

So far I have configured the master and everything seems fine until I 
reach the steps for doing the real build. I build the packages by hand 
using this "recipe":

# export this variables to get the package name and its version

export PKGNAME=$(dpkg-parsechangelog | grep-dctrl -esSource . | awk -F' 
' '{print $2}')
export VERSION=$(dpkg-parsechangelog | grep-dctrl -esVersion . | awk -F' 
' '{print $2}' | sed 's/-.*//g')

# then i create the tar.gz using the variables above

tar --anchored --exclude-vcs --exclude "./debian" -cvzf ../$(echo 
$PKGNAME"_"$VERSION).orig.tar.gz --directory=$(pwd) ./

# and finally build the package

gbp buildpackage -tc --git-tag --git-retag -uc -us

Then I tried to "translate" the recipe to the steps in the configuration 
file of the master, like this:

f.addStep(SetPropertyFromCommand(command = "dpkg-parsechangelog | 
grep-dctrl -esSource . | awk -F' ' '{print $2}'", property = 
f.addStep(SetPropertyFromCommand(command = "dpkg-parsechangelog | 
grep-dctrl -esVersion . | awk -F' ' '{print $2}' | sed 's/-.*//g'", 
property = 'origver'))

f.addStep(ShellCommand(command = WithProperties("tar --anchored 
--exclude-vcs --exclude './debian' -cvzf 
../%(packagename)s_%(origver)s.orig.tar.gz --directory=$(pwd) ./")))

the last step (generate the tar.gz) fails and it's the main reason why 
i'm stucked with this. I tried with this variants:

#f.addStep(ShellCommand(command = ['tar', '--anchored', '--exclude-vcs', 
'--exclude', "'./debian'", "-cvzf",
# WithProperties("../%(packagename)s_%(origver)s.orig.tar.gz"), 
'--directory=$(pwd)', './"']))

#f.addStep(ShellCommand(command = ['gbp', 'buildpackage', '-us', '-uc', 
'-tc', '--git-tag', '--git-retag'], workdir='build/'+package, 
env={'DIST': 'jessie', 'ARCH': a}))

but none of them worked for me. You can see the traceback here:

I used 'SetPropertyFromCommand' because I thought it could be a 
convenient way to capture and store the name and version variables for 
later use with the 'WithProperties' method, but now I think something is 
failing there. I am not sure if the variables are actually being stored. 
Is there a way to verify this?

Maybe there are more things that I am doing wrong?

I hope you could give me some insights about the correct configuration 
of buildbot for the tasks mentioned or point me in the right direction 
to get this working.

The full configuration file can be seen here:



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