[Buildbot-devel] "join" step?

Vitali Lovich vlovich at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 08:39:02 UTC 2015

> On Jan 29, 2015, at 3:44 AM, Mikhail Sobolev <mss at mawhrin.net> wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 11:47:05PM -0800, Vitali Lovich wrote:
>>> On Jan 28, 2015, at 11:43 PM, Mikhail Sobolev <mss at mawhrin.net> wrote:
>>> On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 07:43:37PM -0800, Vitali Lovich wrote:
>>>> I was hoping to be able to trigger a bunch of schedulers & have them run jobs in parallel.
>>>> Then I was hoping to wait for them all to complete & then do something with the result if they succeed.
>>>> I was wondering if there was any kind of “join” step or if anyone has any thoughts on how difficult it would be to accomplish?
>>>> The other approach is to use dependent schedulers which may work too (I just thought triggered schedulers are more elegant).
>>> One more approach is to use Trigger build step with waitForFinish=True
>> I know, but that removes the ability for the triggers to run in parallel, so I’m stuck waiting for O(a + b + c…) instead of O(max(a, b, c,…))
> I'm sorry, I probably miss something.  Could you please provide a bit more detailed example?
> The way I see it
>    ...
>    Trigger(schedulerNames=['a', ..., 'z'], waitForFinish=True)
>    ...
> would trigger all those builds in parallel and wait for all of them to finish
> before proceeding with the builder where this step is used.
Oh - I forgot that you could do multiple schedulers in the trigger.  The only problem is that I have to trigger 1 scheduler N times with different properties.
For context, I want to query the repository for the set of parallel tasks that I should run post-merge.
Then I want to trigger the same scheduler N times but with additional properties set so that it knows what task needs to be run.


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