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Wed Feb 4 08:34:12 UTC 2015

Is there an elegant way to run a 'Build' on multiple slaves?

I am trying to configure Buildbot as a deploy framework for our java web apps.
I tried to deploy a package with one 'Build' from another 'Compile & Package Build', 
it seems that only one of the slaves I set for the 'Deploy Build' will do the real deploy job.
That is not what I am expecting.

What I think, 

'Compile & Package Build'

    svn ==checkout==> package slave ==upload==> master

'Deploy Build'

    +--  deploy slave 1 : [download package, backup old package, deploy]
    +--  deploy slave 2 : [download package, backup old package, deploy]
    +--  deploy slave 3 : [download package, backup old package, deploy]

I already came up with a silly solution, when the 'Compile & Package Build' finishes,
it triggers a 'Tiggerable Scheduler', which then triggers a set of 'Tiggerable Scheduler's,
it sounds like a function call to a list of functions.

There will be so many builds in waterfall page, if I continue add more apps deploy 
using this method.

I just don't feel like I am doing it the right way.

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